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1005 renewable electricity
30% less packaging waste on boxes

Our Environmental Contributions

Colonel Boom's has always been a forward thinking brand, right from our inception we have driven the vaping industry with safety and quality values that meant we were always ahead of product packaging safety laws and always sourced our ingredients from only the most reputable sources free of anything undesirable.

One area we have never made such a fuss over though is our environmental impact.

Palm Oil Glycerin

The first area in which we have always remained steadfast is that we do not use Vegetable Glycerine derived from palm oil. With a huge environmental impact on wildlife we believe it is irresponsible to use palm oil glycerine in our products and as such will only ever use Glycerin from other sources. As a result we are 100% free of potential Jatropha traces that can be found in palm oil derived Glycerin and as such deliver a cleaner finished product.

Energy Supplies 

Our headquarters is supplied by 100% renewable electricity to minimise our impact on the environment through energy usage. Much of this power comes from Hydroelectric sources, using the flow of water to create electricity that is clean and renewable, the secondary source of our electricity comes from anaerobic digesters that take an organic waste product - in this case pig poop and break it down in order to extract the energy within. It's actually a really interesting process to learn about too and has the benefit of also being vegetarian friendly as it's the same product used to feed organic vegetables. It is our belief that we should utilise clean energy sources  wherever possible and particularly in high energy scenarios such as manufacturing facilities.

Furthermore, we have switched to 100% LED and low energy lighting throughout our HQ to ensure that while our energy is clean, our usage is as low as it can be.

Our gas heating is not quite at the same level yet but purely due to production restraints, we currently use 10% renewable gas and should the opportunity ever arise that this figure will increase we know our supplier is keen to utilise it. That being said, our gas usage is low by comparison to our electricity consumption so the bigger win was always going 100% clean energy for electricity.

Product Packaging

This is a sticking point as we are bound by E.U. Laws on what we can supply and those are limited for the most part to 10ml plastic bottles on our TPD lines. While our preference would always be to offer higher volume bottles to reduce the impact of multiple nibs and caps it's just not allowed.

What we do offer though is a much reduced packaging impact of around 30% less due to our clever box design. While our TPD products are regulated to require product insert leaflets we had a box designed that not only reuduced the cardboard requirement on the box itself but also print the insert leaflet inside the box that can be viewed using a perforation. It's not a huge saving as most people should be recycling paper products now anyway but we use 30% less to begin with and remove the A4 insert sheet as well so it's a start.


We believe that as a business we have a responsibility to be as clean as possible, our products are only made with quality in mind and yes that also means that we are not aiming to be the cheap and cheerful brand on the market. Our energy supplies actually cost a fraction more than non renewable sources, our packaging design took longer than just a straight off the shelf model but that's fine with us. 

We hope you appreciate the level of detail we strive to achieve, not only at an operational and infrastructure level but as a result with the product we produce too.

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Creators of unique and high quality TPD/TRPR Eliquids, Shortfill and One Shot Concentrates. Colonel Boom's Bang Bang Juice lines have been on retailers shelves and developed an army of fans because of our insistance for quality and unbeatable flavours.

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