Blueberry and raspberry slush eliquid

LT Ripley - Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Notes: Raspberry, Ice Cream, Cream, Gelato
Ratio: 60VG | 40PG
Brand: Colonel Boom's
Sweet and syrupy raspberry, swirled throughout a buttery yet light and creamy vanilla ice cream with a slight touch of cooling.
The Flavour

LT Ripley is one of our most moreish flavours to date and quickly became one of our top selling liquids. Starting with a buttery and creamy ice cream gelato base we wanted to add raspberry syrup to create the perfect raspberry ripple ice cream including a very light hint of cooling that dances across the tongue after the inhale as if you had taken a lick of the real thing.

We took a traditional vanilla ice cream as the primary flavour, with a blends of different vanillas and creams to keep it light while retaining the mouthfeel of real ice cream, creating the raspberry syrup was a little more challenging as we avoid sweeteners in any great quantities to reduce the gunking effect on coils. Nonetheless you get the experience of a sweet and syrupy raspberry sauce rippled throughout the ice cream base and the hint of cold at the end keeps everything ultra refreshing.



EC-ID Numbers
01338-17-15756 LT Ripley 3 mg
01338-17-15757 LT Ripley 6 mg
01338-17-15758 LT Ripley 12 mg
01338-17-15759 LT Ripley 18 mg