Hero Alliance

Hero Alliance

Now we are getting into the realms of high power devices we need coils that can harness this power without firing up like a H-bomb. Alongside the Juggernaut coils we also have these babies are insane. You have two types of coil combined to make these and that is a loose tiger coil with solid round core, loosely wrapped flat wire outer and then a solid round core clapton - both twisted loosely together to bring you epic levels of surface area.

Be aware, ramp up will be slow on lower wattages as the volume of wire used in these coils is so great.

Pack contents:

 6 x pre-made vaping coils
 4 x Japanese cotton pads 

It's no longer the like Wild West to find fancy wire coils for your atomisers, Blazin Coils brings you the more intricately built coils all ready wound by machine for consistency and quality and ready to fit into your chosen device.

In each package you will find the likes of your Claptons, Fused Claptons,  Alien Claptons, Staples, Juggernaut, Quad, Twisted and Tiger coils along with a couple of sheets of Japanese Cotton wick to ensure you can extract the finest flavours from your chosen juice.

With most other sellers offering a pair of coils for almost the same cost as our 6 coil wick packs you have access to quality coils without the hassle and wastage of creating your own while machine wound for the ultimate in accurate and consistant winds from the best available FeCrAl (Kanthal), Stainless Steel and Nickel wires.

Please be aware that fitting your own coils takes skill and practice, we offer no liability toward the safety of your builds and insist that you adhere to the load capacity of your cells. Lower resistances increase amperage loads and should you exceed the capacity of your cell(s) you can create a catastrophic failure.

* due to the nature of the material used some variance is expected on the approximated resistance stated in ohms. Always check your finished coils on a device that will read resistance to ensure this is within the capability of your battery cells.