Calvus - Peach with natural yoghurt

Calvus - Peach with natural yoghurt

Notes: Natural Yoghurt, Sweet Peach
Ratio: 80VG | 20PG
Brand: Fallstreak
Simple, creamy and very moreish. Calvus captures the essence of a natural yoghurt with sweet peaches running throughout
The Flavour

Calvus takes the creamy, light and silky flavour of natural yoghurt, a not as sour as Greek yoghurt but not as sweet as processed, all coupled into a blend of ripe peach puree. This is as simple a flavour as it gets but to create this we have layered many yoghurt, milks and creams seamlessly while utilising different peach flavours to create a fresh and ripe peach puree that tastes natural and authentic to a real peach yoghurt.

Calvus is a perfect solution to customers who aren't into cream or custard based eliquids as the yoghurt gives a light and unique spin on typical dairy eliquids that allows you to benefit from the smoothness that creams typically add to pure fruit flavours. The entire blend is carried by the sweet fruit which remains prominent throughout.



tpdreadyiconEC-ID Numbers
01338-17-15774 Calvus 3 mg
01338-17-15775 Calvus 6 mg
01338-17-15805 Calvus 12 mg