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Stratus - Vanilla Cafe Latte

Notes: coffee, latte, vanilla, cream
Ratio: 80VG | 20PG
Brand: Fallstreak
Stratus is for coffee lovers, a medium roast coffee is sweetened by vanilla syrup and silky foamed milk. Not too bitter, not overly sweet.
The Flavour


Coffee vapes are often wrong, too strong, too sweet or too bitter for individual tastes so we tried to make something more universal. As well as a light to medium roast coffee we added the light and foamy milk but to add a little interest also a double shot of vanilla syrup. You get a sweetened coffee that isn't sickly or overdone and the coffee, while obvious isn't too in your face that it becomes overbearing.

 Please note: Stratus changes colour drastically over a very short space of time from almost clear at bottling to a very dark caramel (or light coffee) within a couple of weeks. This is a natural process and makes no difference to the flavour but as usual, nuances from ageing will occur with flavours mellowing over longer time. As the colour changes so quickly it is impossible to guarantee that a bottle from the same batch will be the same colour from one week to the next.


tpdreadyiconEC-ID Numbers
01338-17-15770 Stratus 3 mg
01338-17-15771 Stratus 6 mg
01338-17-15803 Stratus 12 mg