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Colonel Boom's Ceasefire

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Product Info

One of our more simple flavours in terms of flavours used, we created Ceasefire as a true fruit explosion with each flavour balanced beautifully. Used by thousands as an all day vape, the simplicity of ceasefire belies the level of detail used to match each of the flavours for a smooth, flavourful but not overpowering blend you will love o go back to again and again. Notes: Strawberry, Apple, Kiwi  Ratio: 60VG | 40PG


The Flavour

Ceasefire has continued to be one of our more popular flavours since we created it. Taking a candied strawberry flavour with hints of the real fruit we added a sharp green apple and then a tangy kiwi flavour which keeps your tastebuds interested. To keep everything from merging into a single flavour we added a little something to make them all pop and the rest has been history.

Many others have tried to recreate the unique flavour of Ceasefire but the simplicity and quality of the flavours we used remains the original and best.  

Please note: This flavour changes colour over a period of weeks from clear when freshly created to a vibrant yellow. We do not use any colourings to affect this and it is a natural process that occurs faster in summer months where sunlight is plentiful. This does not affect the flavour at all and is a totally natural process. 

EC-ID Numbers
01338-17-15732 Ceasefire 3 mg
01338-17-15733 Ceasefire 6 mg
01338-17-15734 Ceasefire 12 mg
01338-17-15735 Ceasefire 18 mg


Wednesday, 11 April 2018
What can I say Ceasefire is a fantastic fruit based juice, I'm not really a fruit juice vapor but this hits the spot, its a fresh fruity mix that really does make you want more. This is now
Leigh Godson
Units in box: 110
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Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 10ml 0mg
Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 10ml 3mg
Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 10ml 6mg
Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 10ml 12mg
Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 10ml 18mg
Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 30ml 0mg
Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 30ml 3mg
Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 30ml 6mg
Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 30ml 12mg
Colonel Boom's Ceasefire 30ml 18mg
Big Zero Strawberry, Apple & Kiwi 50ml
Big Zero Strawberry, Apple & Kiwi 100ml
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Most Colonel Boom's are in our Big Zero shortfill range!

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