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Colonel Boom's Headshot

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HeadShot is our ultimate palate cleanser, without the typical throat ripping brain freeze in many other menthol juices we cut through the taste buds with sharp citrus lime. It is a flavour that most often takes customers by surprise and uickly became one of our bestsellers with a huge following due to the finely balanced menthol and fruit mix. Imagine a Mojito cocktail and you are getting very close to the money - cool, fruity and refreshing! Notes: Menthol, Peppermint, Lime, Mojito-esque, Refreshing   Ratio: 60VG | 40PG

The Flavour

HeadShot remains one of our biggest selling flavours, with powerful menthol kept to a refreshing not throat ripping level the peppermint comes in during the inhale to soften the menthol and tantalise the tastebuds. With a very sharp lime added for another layer this serves the purpose of cleansing the palate while balancing the whole flavour. as a comparison to the mojito cocktail it is uncanny, the coldness is not icy or harsh on the throat, it's super mooth and yet the sharp lime keeps it all interesting for fruit lovers too.

We have thousands of customers who swear by this as an all day vape as well as those who use it to clear a foggy head or vapers tongue with popularity from customers who previously would not have touched a mentholated flavour too!

EC-ID Numbers
01338-17-15748 Headshot 3 mg
01338-17-15749 Headshot 6 mg
01338-17-15750 Headshot 12 mg
01338-17-15751 Headshot 18 mg


Wednesday, 11 April 2018
Liquid Loveliness..... the menthol mint and lime leave a fresh taste on the tongue, perfect vapour prduction too... this is definitely my favourite e-juice..

salute the Colonel!!!!!
Leigh Godson
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Colonel Boom's Headshot 30ml 3mg
Colonel Boom's Headshot 30ml 6mg
Colonel Boom's Headshot 30ml 12mg
Colonel Boom's Headshot 30ml 18mg
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Most Colonel Boom's are in our Big Zero shortfill range!

We know 10ml bottles can be annoying if you use a lot of juice, so our 50ml - 70VG shortfill lines are not only easier to handle but cost effective too.

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