Mixing Guide

Mixing Guide

BLND is a mix your own product designed for dilution and cannot be used without mixing first!

This product can be used as a flavour enhancer or mixed into a nicotine free solution for Shisha, if you require nicotine this can be added as you require.
You should already be aware of the risks and procedure of mixing one shot flavours but should this not be the case please use our Mixulator to calculate what diluents are required and please seek assistance on one of the many social DIY mixing groups should you be unsure of anything.  

Your primary ingredients will be:

PG - Propylene Glycol

VG - Vegetable Glycerine or Glycerin

BLND One Shot - pre-mixed flavour concentrates

You will also need (all cleaned and disinfected):

A suitable mixing area

Measuring utensils such as beakers, flasks or syringes

Empty bottles to mix into

Pens or labels for marking your new mix

We highly recommend:

Nitrile or latex gloves, powder free are best

Eye protection if working with nicotine

To use the BLND Product:

Each product is labelled with a suggested mixing ratio, typically this will be 20%. This equates to 20% of your finished mixture being made up of flavour concentrate but this is subjective and may be reduced or increased to suit your own requirement.
Some like strong flavours while others find them overpowering - find your own sweet spot.

Our flavours are created and developed in a 60% VG base which gives the best overall balance of flavour reproducxtion, vapour production and wicking capability across a wide range of devices. If you are mixing into a higher or lower ratio than this please be aware it will affect the flavour to a degree - higher VG will be smoother and the flavour less obvious but the mix will be thicker, higher PG will be thinner and will wick more easily but increases throat hit and the flavours may become sharper.