High quality, pre-made coils for fans of the more intricate builds. Blazin' Coils comes in a handy pack of six coils with four pads of Japanese cotton wick. Choose from a range of Claptons, Aliens, Twisted, Flat, Juggernaut and more and give your customers a consistent, machine wound coil that is ready to fit and use. Flavour never tasted so good!

Tiger coils merge flat and round wire into a very simple coil with a lower ramp up time compared to other more complex builds. With a single thick round core the flat wire is flat wrapped around and once coiled into shape the tiger stripe pattern emerges. This has the benefit of trapping juice within the gaps and under the flat ribbon wire and intensifies vapour production as well as flavour. 

Hive Coils complex twisted wires that are first twisted clockwise then joined and twisted counter clockwise. The net result is little gaps between the wires where juice collects and is readily vapourised. Our Hive coils are a little higher resistance than most other off the shelf offerings which allows more dual coil usage.
There are two variants on offer, Hive and Mini Hive.

Like it's namesake, the juggernaut is a monster of a coil. Clapton coils are laid in parallel then wrapped with a skin of flat ribbon wire to contain the initial vapourisation. Lots of power is needed to get these working as they are so thick the ramp up is slow otherwise but when you get the heat in to them you are rewarded with bountiful vapour and tons of flavour.  

Now we are getting into the realms of high power devices we need coils that can harness this power without firing up like a H-bomb. Alongside the Juggernaut coils we also have these babies are insane. You have two types of coil combined to make these and that is a loose tiger coil with solid round core, loosely wrapped flat wire outer and then a solid round core clapton - both twisted loosely together to bring you epic levels of surface area.

Our flat fused clapton are a flatwire centre with an external winding in the clapton style but differ from the tank tracks with no flattening on the top, instead leaving the natural curvature of the clapton winds. Fused claptons look fantastic and perform incredibly well and the flat core gives a solid base for the clapton outer wrap to heat uniformly.

Tank Tracks are a slight evolution of the fused clapton, with twin cores and a standard clapton outer they are then flattened across the top and bottom to deliver a straight surface area with a highly polished finish. They look amazing and the contact patch between coil and wick delivers intense flavour while keeping power requirements in check too.

Our Helix Fused Claptons are created with FeCrAl (Kanthal) wire and are ready for fitment to release the flavour, they differ from flat fused by having a slight twist during the winding process which creates the uniform undulations across the surface area. They consist of a twin core design with a single outer wrap that is easy to drive with regular power outputs and does not spit excessively.

There's a time when a clapton just needs a boost (not really but people like to try new things) so why not make a round core, clapton wrap and then wrap THAT in a flat wire too? Well, that's what you get with super claptons! Ramp up is on the higher side so these need power to drive them, the clapton traps juice to intensify vapour and flavour while the flat wire contains this a little longer before releasing in spectacular fashion.